1 August 2022
During Visiting Minya, ICT Minister Partakes in Digital Awareness Session in Maasara Village within Decent Life Initiative

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat and Governor of Minya Osama El-Qady have attended part of a digital and financial awareness session organized for citizens in Maasara Village, Mallawi City, Minya Governorate. The session was held under the “digital awareness”, a sub-pillar of the Decent Life initiative.
The session is within the “capacity building and digital literacy” pillar that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is working to fulfill in the rural villages targeted within Decent Life. The aim is to build people’s capacity and educate them in IT through three sub-pillars: raise digital awareness, develop digital skills, and achieve digital economic empowerment.
During the session, a number of participants commended the digital and financial awareness activities and training courses they attended within MCIT programs. The courses, they highlighted, along with workshops, empowered them to use computers and Digital Egypt Platform to access a wide array of government services.
They presented their successful experience with the training programs, which empowered them use the Internet safely and protect their data and privacy online. The programs also honed women’s digital marketing skills.
The financial and digital awareness activities are part of the Ministry’s efforts in building people’s capacity, promoting digital literacy, and achieving financial and digital inclusion in rural communities.
The activities provide an understanding of digital transformation and its applications in a way that helps bring about digital and financial inclusion. They are in line with the Digital Egypt vision; one of  its pillars is upskilling villagers by raising awareness, making digital services available through different government platforms in areas including health, education, food subsidy, and utilities.
People are also educated and trained to use the Digital Egypt platform where so many electronic services are made available. In addition, citizens have access to financial inclusion services such as saving, money transfer, and insurance.
Deputy ICT Minister for Institutional Development Ghada Labib and Deputy Governor of Minya Mohamed Ibrahim attended the session.
It is worth mentioning that the ICT Minister visited Minya Governorate today. He opened and inspected a number of ICT and Post projects implemented within the framework of the Decent Life initiative in different rural areas.
Talaat witnessed the signing of a cooperation protocol on upskilling employees at digital transformation units and government departments. He also witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on achieving institutional development in Minya and promoting digital literacy in rural villages within Decent Life.
Furthermore, the ICT Minister opened two developed Post Offices, visited the FTTH project site in Maasara Village, and took a tour of inspection through Telecom Egypt’s Training Center in El Menia El Gadida.
Talaat also met with young people and entrepreneurs at CREATIVA Innovation Hub in Minya. He took a tour of the Hub to explore the training activities and programs in different ICT domains and digital innovation. He visited the labs, training rooms, and business accelerators and incubators in the Hub.

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