Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
7 August 2022
ICT Minister Honors EUI Student Mohamed El Gendy for Winning Silver Medal at UIPM Senior World Championships

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has received, at his office in Smart Village, Mohamed El Gendy, a student at the Faculty of Business Informatics of Egypt University of Informatics (EUI) and member of the national team of Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) Senior World Championships, hosted recently in Egypt. The ICT Minister congratulated the Egyptian champion on winning the UIPM silver medal.
Talaat praised the strength and determination shown by El Gendy during the championship and his insistence on raising Egypt’s flag at UIPM Senior World Championships. He highlighted the continuous support of the state and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) for Egyptian champions in winning championships and raising Egypt’s flag in all international events.
The ICT Minister added that these emerging and distinguished talents at EUI make us proud and happy. He looked forward to achieving more accomplishments and discovering more talents among EUI students, like El Gendy, in all fields. These achievements and talents are contributing to continuing success stories regionally and internationally, in line with Egypt’s vision to achieve progress and leadership at the international level in all fields and sectors.
During honoring El Gendy, Talaat hoped that all EUI students would follow athletics and academic excellence as a permanent approach. He emphasized the state’s keenness to invest in its human capital and to encourage athletic and academic excellence.
EUI President Reem Bahgat expressed her pleasure that the ICT Minister honored the student. She is also delighted with MCIT constant support to EUI, which made the University unique in its specializations. EUI was founded by MCIT in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as the first ICT-related specialized university in the Middle East and Africa.
Regarding EUI support for student-athletes enrolled at championships coincide with the academic study and exams, the Dean of the Faculty of Business Informatics Samaa Taher emphasized that EUI postpones and reschedules their exams and provides them with the courses and lectures they could not attend. This is in addition to the approval of EUI Board of Trustees to grant scholarships to outstanding students in athletics, in recognition of their excellence and raising Egypt’s flag in international events. Taher also expressed her pleasure that El Gendy is an EUI honorable representation and an example to be followed in awareness, success, and determination to achieve his dream.
During the meeting, El Gendy thanked the ICT Minister for honoring him and for EUI continuous support as EUI pays great attention to its students’ excellence and progress.
It is worth mentioning that EUI is the first university in Africa specializing in ICT-related fields. It was established by MCIT to become a leading academic institution that provides specialized educational programs to meet the labor market’s needs for specialists in state-of-the-art ICT fields, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), data engineering, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, electronics manufacturing, communication sciences, fintech, digital marketing, animation, User Experience (UX), and digital game development.

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