Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
8 September 2022
ICT Minister Opens Three Post Offices, Inspects Telemedicine System in Alexandria

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat and the Governor of Alexandria Mohamed Elsherief opened, today, three post offices in Alexandria: Al Saraya, Bolkly, and Smouha Post Offices. The offices were developed and equipped with the latest technological systems and solutions to provide all kinds of financial, postal, and governmental services to citizens.
The ICT Minister and the Governor of Alexandria were received by the Chairman of the Egyptian National Post Organization Sherif Farouk.
During his tour inside the post offices, an opening discussion took place between Talaat and a number of citizens. He listened to their reviews on the services provided by Egypt Post in light of its development in terms of technological development and the introduction of new services that fulfill the needs of all society groups.
The ICT Minister encouraged the employees to do their best to provide the services to citizens at high quality and efficiency to retain the trust that Egypt Post has gained in Egyptian society for many years. He pointed to the significant role that Egypt Post plays as an outlet for providing Digital Egypt and financial inclusion services, as well as the regular postal services.

For his part, Farouk stated that Egypt Post has almost completed the implementation of the project to develop and modernize post offices nationwide according to the latest international standards. The project is aimed at enhancing services to facilitate citizens’ access to them. Farouk pointed out that the post offices development project is progressing at higher rates than the project plan, with 3,385 post offices developed, an achievement rate exceeding 80%.
It is worth mentioning that Alexandria has 101 post offices in addition to three mobile offices to fully provide all services to citizens.

Al Saraya Post Office extends over 250 square meters, serving about 250,000 citizens, while Bolkly Post Office extends over 102 square meters and serves nearly 50,000 citizens. As for Smouha Post Office, it is located on a 100 square meter area and serves around 40,000 citizens.

The three offices deliver all kinds of postal, social and financial services such as pension disbursement, current accounts, local and international transfers, correspondence and parcel services, express mail, electricity, water and gas bill payment; postal savings services, and landline payment. The offices are equipped with ATMs and the latest surveillance, fire and anti-theft alarm systems.

The ICT Minister and Alexandria Governor visited the children’s university hospital in Smouha. As part of the presidential telemedicine initiative, the hospital has a telemedicine unit operating in collaboration between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Ministry of Health and Population, and Ministry of Higher Education. The telemedicine system helps optimize and upgrade medical and healthcare services by employing ICT applications.

Talaat and Elsherief were received by President of Alexandria University Abdelaziz Konsowa and Head of the Central Department of Digital Community Development at MCIT Hoda Dahroug.

The ICT Minister stated that MCIT is keen to use ICT, in cooperation with different government agencies, to support the health sector. The Ministry will harness all available resources and provide the required technical equipment, including devices, applications, high-performance communication lines, and full hosting services for the telemedicine system, taking advantage of the available modern digital infrastructure to provide high-quality services.

Talaat added that MCIT works to install and run telemedicine units in the designated hospitals to facilitate access to medical services for citizens nationwide.

The telemedicine system, implemented in collaboration between MCIT, Ministry of Health and Population, and Ministry of Higher Education, helps save a large number of patients, children and seniors, in hard-to-reach areas. The system facilitates access to medical consultation by seasoned doctors and experts, faculty members at medical colleges affiliated with university hospitals, helping upskill practitioners, physicians and service providers at medical facilities, capitalizing on distance learning applications.

Moreover, the telemedicine system helps create databases that include patients’ medical history and support decision makers with reports and statistics, following the latest technologies.

Since its launch, the telemedicine initiative has been very successful. The number of cases diagnosed and treated through the system is in constant increase, with more than 2,000 cases diagnosed in August alone. More telemedicine units are being installed in new areas where healthcare services are most needed.

During the visit, the ICT Minister and Alexandria Governor witnessed a live demo where doctors at the hospital where connected to premature birth cases in the Red Sea Governorate, as part of the medical services provided to remote and underprivileged areas.

It is worth mentioning that Talaat visited Alexandria today to open ICT and Post projects. He visited the governorate’s city hall and inaugurated Vodafone Intelligent Solutions (VOIS) new office.

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