Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
19 September 2022
ICT Minister Opens, Inspects MCIT Projects in Qena within Decent Life Initiative

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat and Governor of Qena Ashraf Al-Daoudi inspected, today, the ICT infrastructure development and Fiber to the Home (FTTH) project site in Al Hillah Village, Qus, Qena Governorate.
This came as part of the ICT Minister’s visit to Qena to open and inspect various projects implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) under the Decent Life initiative in the villages of Qena.
The project is part of Telecom Egypt’s efforts to enable high-speed Internet access in the villages targeted within Decent Life Initiative nationwide.
Talaat and Al-Daoudi were received by Telecom Egypt CEO and Managing Director Adel Hamed and other officials.
The ICT Minister inspected the developments made in the ICT infrastructure in Al Hillah village. Telecom Egypt has completed 100% of the network establishment, and the installation of four cabins, with a total of 232 boxes. In addition, FTTH services are currently running.
Talaat visited one of the families that has access to high-speed Internet services recently, as part of Decent Life initiative. He discussed with a female student from the family the benefits of the high-speed Internet that she enjoys as she upskills herself through online learning.
Talaat pointed out that Decent Life is an all-encompassing national project through which the efforts of all state sectors are synergizing to develop Egyptian villages.
Talaat highlighted MCIT role in implementing the objectives of the initiative by harnessing ICT tools to promote the technological dimension within Egyptian villages to improve the living conditions of Decent Life villages' citizens and empower them to use digital technology and obtain excellent opportunities in training and work. This is in addition to utilizing digital government services.
The ICT Minister added that MCIT is implementing various projects that aim at developing the information infrastructure to be the mainstay of social and economic development in the targeted villages of Decent Life initiative. The projects include four main pillars: implementing FTTH to provide high-speed Internet services; developing post offices; improving the quality of telecommunication services by building cellular base stations; and raising digital awareness, building citizens' capacity in IT, and achieving digital economic empowerment.
The ICT Minister, the Governor of Qena, and the Chairman of the Egyptian National Post Organization (ENPO) Sherif Farouk also opened four post offices in the governorate; namely, New Qena Post Office, Al Ashraf Post Office, Abou El-Goud Post Office, and Nag Hammadi Post Office after developing and equipping them with the latest technological systems and solutions to provide all financial, postal and government services to citizens.
Qena has 188 post offices to fully provide all services to citizens. The development of 164 post offices has been completed. Around 3,386 post offices have been developed nationwide, out of 4,000 offices. 200 new ones have been also introduced.
Being one of the Decent Life initiative post offices, Abou El-Goud Post Office has been developed, serving about 8,000 citizens, while Al Ashraf Post Office serves 40,000 citizens. As for the New Qena Post Office, it serves around 7,000 citizens. Nag Hammadi Post Office serves nearly 250,000 citizens.
 The four offices deliver Digital Egypt services as well as all kinds of postal, social, and financial services, such as pension disbursement, current accounts, local and international transfers, correspondence and parcel services, express mail, electricity, water and gas bill payment, postal savings services, and landline payment.
The offices are equipped with automated teller machines (ATMs) and the latest surveillance, fire, and anti-theft alarm systems.
For his part, Farouk stated that Egypt Post strongly contributes to the initiative, which includes 52 villages in 20 governorates served by 853 post offices, as well as 333 government service complexes in these governorates. So far, 676 post offices have been developed with a completion rate of 80%, he noted.
He explained that the development of all offices located within the scope of the initiative will be completed by the end of this year, as part of Egypt Post’s comprehensive strategic plan for the development of different sectors. The strategy aims at achieving a breakthrough in the quality of services provided to citizens so that post offices would become a destination for citizens to receive all services.
It is worth noting that the ICT Minister is visiting Qena, today, to open and inspect several MICT projects as part of the Decent Life initiative. The ICT Minister is to visit CREATIVA Innovation Hun at South Valley University. He will also witness the signing of various Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) aimed at achieving digital transformation and building the capacities of youth in the governorate.
Visiting various schools equipped with technology to facilitate the educational process for students with visual and intellectual disabilities as well as inspecting the work progress in one of Telecom Egypt’s customer service centers are included in the program of Talaat’s visit to Qena.

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