Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
3 February 2023
ICT Minister Opens Transcom Egypt Office

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has opened Transcom’s Egypt office in Smart Village, in the presence of the Ambassador of Sweden to Egypt Håkan Emsgård.

Transcom is global leader in customer experience, consulting, sales, technical support, and business operations. It seeks to expand its BPO/ITO business and serve its clients from Egypt office.

Transcom’s Egypt office spans 8,000 square meters. It has a team of 650 specialists and young Egyptian talents, serving its global clients across different markets. The company aims to have a total of 1,650 specialists within three years.

During the opening ceremony, the ICT Minister emphasized that the opening of Egypt office enhances the Egyptian-Swedish cooperation in the ICT sector, especially with the availability of several Swedish companies operating in this sector.

The ICT Minister also pointed out that the opening comes as part of the strategic efforts of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) to boost the offshoring industry. This is achieved by attracting multinationals to establish their specialized centers in Egypt, helping leverage the expertise and skills of Egyptian youth in exporting digital services to the company’s global clients. Those efforts help create decent job opportunities for youth who received ICT training and maximize Egypt’s export capabilities through more offshoring services centers.

In his remarks, Talaat explained the efforts made to enrich the ICT sector with young talents and enhance their competitiveness through specialized training programs in the latest digital technologies, targeting people from different academic backgrounds to empower them to work in the ICT sector.

Talaat stated that the ICT training budget increased 26-fold and the number of trainees increased 56-fold in four years. The added that ICT skills have been growing in terms of the number and depth of specializations.

During the ceremony, the ICT Minister held a meeting with Transcom leaders. They praised the Egyptian talent pool, a reason Transcom was attracted to and selected Egypt as a strategic location to serve its global clients from.

The discussed increasing the number of Egyptian employees in the company and its future expansion plans, especially for next year, by establishing new global delivery centers in more governorates.

The ICT Minister took a tour of Egypt office. He met with employees and commended their performance and efficiency in exporting services to the company’s clients.

For his part, the Acting CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) Ahmed Elzaher stated that ITIDA is excited about Transcom’s selection of Egypt as a strategic hub for running outsourcing operations and exporting services from. He noted that Egypt office’s team has strong language skills.

Elzaher added that as Transcom was finalizing the establishment of Egypt office, late 2022, ITIDA provided logistical support as part of its mandate to provide the necessary government support to attract major companies specializing in BPO/ITO and value-added services such as research and development (R&D). This comes within the framework of Digital Egypt Strategy for Offshoring Industry 2022-2026, launched by MCIT last year.

CEO and President of Transcom Jonas Dahlberg said that Egypt has many competitive and unique advantages in terms of quality and value, including a robust infrastructure and a well-trained multilingual talent pool. Egypt is one of few, if not the only, global hubs capable of delivering services in about 20 languages—a reason the country is a favorite destination for international brands, he added.

Dahlberg pointed out that Transcom has been operating in Egypt since 2020. By mid-2023, he added, the size of its workforce will grow, reaching over 800 specialists. Dahlberg looked forward to continuing to expand the company’s business and creating more job opportunities for Egyptian talents.

The ceremony was attended by ITIDA Vice President Hazem Nabil, Regional Manager and Managing Director of Transcom Egypt Ahmed Gamaleldin, and officials from MCIT and Transcom.
Founded in 1995 by Kinnevik, Transcom expanded across Europe and soon after, kicked off operations in North America, followed by business in the United States (US), Canada, and the Philippines. Kinnevik is a Swedish investment company that has 69 call centers in 26 countries and employs about 30,000 employees. The company provides services in 33 languages to its clients, multinationals operating in various sectors.
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