14 March 2023
MCIT, Tech Giants Co-organize IT Upskilling Courses

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has launched a number of advanced training courses in collaboration with tech giants to qualify young Egyptians for in-demand technology jobs. This comes within the framework of MCIT strategy for developing youth digital skills by working hand in hand with top tech companies.

The courses offered are as follows:

1. Red Hat Cloud Computing
The program aims to build youth capacity in administering, operating and programming digital infrastructure. It features 18 training tracks that cover different aspects of advanced administration, operation and programming of digital infrastructure.

The course is offered to 200 computer science graduates and people working in different sectors, both freelancers and employees.

To apply, kindly click here.

2. Software AG Architecture and Business Process Analysis
The program focuses on Architecture of Integrated Information Systems (ARIS) and is offered in collaboration with Software AG—a global leader and owner of ARIS trademarks, operating in 70+ countries. The course aims to upskill young people in integrated information systems and Software AG's architecture and business process analysis.

The course is offered to 200 computer science, information systems and business technology graduates. It has been designed and created by Software AG experts. The course is delivered through digital channels, online platforms, and virtual classrooms. Hands-on training is provided as part of the course to qualify learners to become professionals in the focus areas, with both theoretical and practical knowledge.

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3. Chief Data Officer Academy
The Chief Data Officer Academy (CDOA) program aims to help 100 young people become professional CDOs. A CDO oversees a range of data-related functions, including data management, ensuring data quality, and creating data strategy. They may also be responsible for data analytics and business intelligence — the process of drawing valuable insights from data.

CDOA is all about helping MCIT build a data-driven nation by jumpstarting Egypt’s data
flywheel and enabling youth to create ongoing and sustainable momentum.

The program consists of four modular workshops: Mindset, People and Process, Tools, and Mobilize. Learners who complete the course receive professional certifications in data science. Applicants to the course must have a background in in business, engineering, management, finance, computer science, HR, information management, IT, economics, or applied sciences; previous experience in a senior and/or decision-making position; and general IT technical knowledge.

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4. Advanced Java Programming
In this advanced Java programming training course, 1,000 learners receive international professional certification as:
- Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer
- Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer

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5. Business Analysis Essentials
The course targets training 200 people in business analysis essentials. It is offered in collaboration with the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). The course provides a deep understanding of business analysis, work models and systems in organizations, and the important role of business operations in organizational development.

To apply, kindly click here.

It is worth noting that MCIT has been carrying out a large number of training programs, in cooperation with some of the world’s largest IT companies. The aim is to upskill and qualify young Egyptians for international professional certifications in modern technology fields, helping keep pace with advancements in technology and meet labor market needs.

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