Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
30 May 2023
ICT Minister Delivers Speech at ITI ‘Bridging Talents to Industry’ Event

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has delivered a speech at the “Bridging Talents to Industry” event. The event is organized by the Information Technology Institute (ITI) from May 29 to June 20 for ITI graduates, at ITI premises in Smart Village, under the theme “Egypt Makes Electronics.”

About 60 local and global companies from different technological sectors are participating in the event, offering 1,800 job opportunities.

The event comes within the framework of Egypt Makes Electronics (EME), an initiative launched under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).

The event provides job opportunities for graduates of ITI training programs designed in partnership with industry partners, in electronics-related specializations, including Vector, e-mobility, embedded security, and automotive testing. This is in addition to a database of specialists in digital transformation technologies and in-demand skills such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), information security, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the Internet of Things (IoT), game development, open-source software, Java, and other in-demand specializations in the local, global, and freelance labor markets.

During the event, the ICT Minister highlighted that MCIT aims to establish Egypt as a regional and global destination for competencies in different ICT fields. He pointed out that various global companies are looking forward to establishing offshoring centers or expanding their business in Egypt.

The ICT Minister emphasized that Egypt enjoys a strategic advantage represented in its human resources, especially since 40% of the population is aged under 30. The country also has a large workforce of promising young talents while many countries encounter a shortage in ICT human resources. He stated that MCIT is cooperating with several countries to bridge the skills divide that these countries endure by providing Egyptian competencies.

Talaat underscored that building digital capabilities and increasing competencies are the top priorities of MCIT action plans. They are the mainstay of developing the ICT sector, increasing its contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and providing the skills required by companies, leading to increasing Egypt's digital exports.

Talaat noted that MCIT is increasing the implementation of training plans on several levels: increasing the number of trainees 56-fold within five years, from 4,000 trainees per year to nearly 250,000 trainees during 2023, and deploying Creativa Innovation Hubs in different governorates nationwide.

The ICT Minister declared that the Ministry is increasing technological specializations to keep pace with the requirements of the labor market, including focusing on courses related to electronics design and FinTech. He added that MCIT is also increasing the number of trainees in its initiatives to include not only graduates of the faculties of engineering and computer sciences but also various academic and practical backgrounds.

The ICT Minister explained that programs are being provided to train calibers in various sectors, creating decent job opportunities for them and enabling youth to use IT in developing their work performance. He pointed out that the Ministry is increasing the means of providing training, such as creating a training e-platform for a larger number of trainees, and including different groups such as fresh graduates and any other graduates desiring to join the labor market.

Talaat underlined the significance of linking training to creating job opportunities to ensure that investment in training pays off. He declared that MCIT is organizing events to invite companies operating in the sector to network with graduates of its training initiatives. He pointed out that the “Bridging Talents to Industry” event is aimed to bring fresh graduates together with employers so that companies can select candidates, and connecting with companies operating in the ICT sector to ensure the availability of the skills they require to develop and expand their business in the Egyptian market.

In a similar vein, the ICT Minister took a tour during the event and spoke with ITI graduates. He also explored the technological products and solutions developed by ITI graduates.

Talaat also listened to the representatives of the companies participating in the event to explore their impression of ITI graduates as job applicants. The companies commended the graduates’ competencies and skills.

For her part, ITI Chairwoman Heba Saleh indicated that the event is a communication platform with partners operating in different industries that represent the market needs, helping ITI adapt the design, planning, and implementation of its training programs accordingly. The event also contributes to covering growing needs in the short and medium run.

The job opportunities created by the companies participating in the event come as part of the effective communication with the industry partners throughout the year to benefit from the databases of graduates of ITI professional and intensive training programs. The database of the industry partners includes nearly 400 companies communicating continuously with the Institute to benefit from its graduate database.

The event features various workshops delivered by experts from local and global companies, sessions to educate graduates about employment and available job opportunities, and activities explaining the benefits of working in the IT industry.

The meetings with companies will take place on June 4-20 at ITI premises in Smart Village, Alexandria, Assiut, Mansoura, Menoufia, and Ismailia, after which remote meetings will be held.
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