Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
8 July 2023
In Menoufia, ICT Minister Witnesses Signing of Two MoUs, Opens New Shebin El Kom Post Office, Visits WE Store

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat and Governor of Menoufia Ibrahim Abu Lamoun have witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and Menoufia Governorate.
The MoU aims to enhance cooperation in implementing digital institutional development projects in the governorate’s general bureau, subordinate entities, and service directorates and carrying out digital awareness activities for citizens of the governorate, especially in the rural villages targeted within the Decent Life initiative- the national project for the development of the Egyptian countryside- to promote digital literacy and develop their digital capabilities to economically empower them, thus providing a decent life.
This came as part of the ICT Minister’s visit to Menoufia Governorate to open and inspect various MCIT projects in the villages targeted within Decent Life in the governorate.
The MoU was signed by the Deputy ICT Minister for Institutional Development Ghada Labib and the Deputy Governor of Menoufia Mohammed Moussa.
Labib showcased the most prominent achievements and future plans in the projects implemented in cooperation between MCIT and the governorate in digital institutional development and digital transformation in Menoufia.
MCIT has delivered around 933 certificates for developing and building digital capacity programs to 849 employees in the governorate, directorates, districts, and surrounding villages. Numerous initiatives for developing and building digital capabilities, raising awareness of, educating, and digitally qualifying citizens were also implemented for 7,674 citizens of all society segments. These initiatives included 10,657 tracks which were implemented according to international standards and in partnership with global companies and institutions specializing in that field.
Moreover, Talaat and Abu Lamoun witnessed the signing of another MoU between MCIT and Menoufia Governorate to develop and build citizens’ digital capabilities and attain sustainable community development in Menoufia.
The MoU was signed by the Advisor to the ICT Minister for Digital Community Development at MCIT and Director of the Digital Transformation for Sustainable Development in Egypt (DT4SDE) project Hoda Dahroug, and Moussa.
Dahroug presented the most prominent projects to be implemented within the framework of the two-year MoU, aiming to use ICT tools and applications to attain several community development goals in the governorate.
The MoU is based on several key pillars, including building and developing the digital capabilities and skills of 1,000 trainees with ICT skills through computer basics and IT programs, meeting the needs of the freelancing market, in collaboration with concerned government agencies and private institutions. This is in addition to promoting e-learning by accrediting 10 e-learning centers in the governorate (within Cisco Networking Academy), to be affiliated with the Central Department for Digital Community Development at MCIT, and training 1,000 people through these e-learning centers.

The MoU also includes the implementation of the activities of Qodwa-Tech initiative in Menoufia, targeting empowering and training 100 craftswomen and female entrepreneurs on marketing skills using social media and e-commerce platforms. Furthermore, several sessions in digital marketing, e-commerce, and related development topics will be held targeting 300 beneficiaries. Meanwhile, rehabilitation services for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) for employment will also be provided through promoting the activities of the National Network for PWD Services “Taheel”.
In a similar vein, the ICT Minister and Menoufia Governor, accompanied by Egypt Post Chairman Sherif Farouk, opened Shebin El Kom Post Office. The office was developed and equipped with the latest technological systems and solutions to provide all financial, postal, and government services as well as Digital Egypt services to citizens.

Shebin El Kom Post Office spans 220 square meters and has 13 windows to render all postal and real estate registration services to citizens. The Office is also equipped with two automated teller machines (ATMs).
Furthermore, Talaat and Abu Lamoun also inspected Telecom Egypt's store in Shebin El-Kom 1. They were received by the Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt Mohamed Nasr, and various Telecom Egypt’s officials.
During visiting the store, a dialogue was held between the ICT Minister and various customers to know how far they are satisfied with the quality of the provided services.

The store provides various ICT services to citizens, such as landline, fixed broadband, fixed line value-added services, mobile phone, e-wallet, and domain registration and website hosting services. The store also provides mobile services to companies, sells mobile, landline, and Internet devices and accessories of all kinds, and renders installment services for mobile devices and fixed Internet, in cooperation with the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) and Banque Misr. The store accepts e-payments for fixed and mobile Internet services. It also provides e-signature and e-seal services, being the first in the governorate providing this service.

It is noteworthy that Talaat visited the governorate of Menoufia, today, where he opened two post offices after being developed to provide all financial, postal, and Digital Egypt services to citizens. He also inspected the optical fiber cables laid to provide high-speed Internet in the village of "Shamma" within Decent Life villages. He also visited Creativa Innovation Hub at the University of Menoufia, where he met with a group of youth from Menoufia Governorate, beneficiaries of the training programs and entrepreneurship support programs provided by MCIT.
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