5 September 2023
MCIT Opens Registration in DECI Second Intake

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has announced opening registration for the second intake of Digital Egypt Cubs Initiative (DECI) for the academic year 2023-2024. The deadline for application via DECI website (deci.gov.eg) is September 10.

DECI aims to prepare a distinguished generation of outstanding school students in various IT fields and applications to become qualified for building Digital Egypt society and keep up with the advancements and future requirements locally and globally.

It is worth noting that MCIT launched DECI first intake in May 2022. The initiative is a program offered free to top-performing students, from the first year of preparatory school to the second year of secondary school, in Egyptian schools nationwide. It is provided for one to five years according to the age and educational level of each applicant, provided that applicants must meet the application requirements and criteria of each academic year.

DECI follows the curriculum of honing the skills of school students in accordance with the latest global developments in various technological fields. These fields include digital arts, software development, network and information security, Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, data science, and embedded systems. This is in addition to building students’ soft, life, and leadership skills as well as implementing scientific, cultural, and social activities to build leading Egyptian personalities capable of interacting with future sciences.

The initiative provides an interactive, participatory integrated learning environment that stimulates creativity, excellence, and innovation among youngsters by providing various training programs for students as well as scientific and practical training, in cooperation with local and international companies and institutions specialized in various technological sciences.

For her part, the Advisor to the ICT Minister for Technological Talents Hoda Baraka stated that DECI promotes MCIT endeavors and efforts to prepare a new generation of youngsters practically trained in ICT. DECI targets students who haver a passion for learning latest technologies. Those students will build the future and support Digital Egypt projects nationwide, Baraka explained.

DECI Executive Director at MCIT Walid Al-Engbawy highlighted that the initiative has set out certain criteria for this year’s DECI application. Applicants must be top-performing students in mathematics, English language, and science, and be enrolled in a school in Egypt from the first year of preparatory school to the second year of secondary school nationwide.

Al-Engbawy pointed out that the initiative is implementing several admission tests for applicants to select top students who meet the criteria before joining it. The training will be offered starting from October 2023.

For more details about DECI, terms and conditions of application, and eligibility criteria, kindly click here https://deci.gov.eg, or visit DECI Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DECI.EGY.
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