Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
16 October 2023
ICT Minister Opens First Drive-Thru Post Office

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has opened Nasr City Drive-Thru Post Office. He was accompanied by the Chairperson of Egypt Post Sherif Farouk.
The office is the first in the new drive-thru post office generation. It has been equipped with modern technological systems and solutions. The office allows citizens to receive Digital Egypt services, in addition to government, financial, and postal services without leaving their cars.
The ICT Minister remarked that Nasr City Drive-Thru Post Office is the first in Egypt. The office enables citizens to receive different types of services without leaving their cars, he explained.
Talaat stated that the post office delivers postal and financial services, government services provided in collaboration with state agencies such as the civil registry, and traffic violation clearance certificates. He added that the office revolutionizes the way services are rendered to citizens.
Moreover, the ICT Minister referred to Egypt Post’s expansion plan, which covers 4,500 post offices nationwide. The plan includes the roll-out of mobile post offices, postal kiosks, and the new drive-thru post offices, which Egypt Post plans to introduce in different areas in Cairo and other governorates.
For his part, Egypt Post Chairperson stated that the opening of the drive-thru post office is within the framework of Egypt Post’s strategic plan. It involves establishing more post offices nationwide and creating postal outlets with innovative and modern ideas and methods to facilitate access to services and improve their quality.
The drive-thru post office is one of the modern postal outlets, Farouk highlighted. It was established in a way that guarantees a unique experience through innovative solutions that facilitate people’s access to all kinds of government, financial, and postal services during their daily commutes to work, shopping, or errands, Farouk added.
Customers can interact with the drive-thru employees, obtain services, and use ATMs without leaving their cars. The new offices have easy-to-navigate drive-thru lanes that help people approach the customer service windows, request services, and receive them. The lanes have signs that ensure a smooth traffic flow as vehicles enter and exit.
Trying out the new service, the ICT Minister drove through Nasr City Post Office and requested a service.
The Drive-Thru Post Office extends over 2,000 square meters and has seven customer service windows. It delivers different types of government, financial, and postal services, in addition to Digital Egypt services, including traffic fine payment, utility bills (electricity, water, and gas), pension disbursement, current account services, domestic and international remittances, mail and parcel services, express mail, postal savings, and landline bills. The office has two ATMs, modern surveillance systems, fire and theft alarms, and a UPS device. The office operates 24 hours from Saturday to Thursday, and on Friday from 2 to 9 pm, accommodating the diverse schedules of citizens.
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