1 December 2023
ICT, Youth Ministers Visit First Smart Sports Facility ‘Club One’

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat and the Minister of Youth and Sports Ashraf Sobhy have conducted an inspection of Egypt's first smart sports facility, Club One, in Maadi. The visit was in preparation for its grand inauguration scheduled for the second quarter of 2024.

Club One is a collaborative project between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The collaboration aims to bolster the growth of smart sports services and e-games throughout Egypt.

The club is expected to revolutionize the sports industry, offering a unique experience to its members. Club One marks a pivotal stride in advancing Egypt's sports sector by embracing the latest global technologies.

In his remarks, Talaat emphasized the integral role of technology in developing various industries, with sports being no exception. He highlighted how smart devices and tech-enabled applications actively contribute to the analysis of athletes' performance through precise data, facilitating the monitoring of their capabilities and fostering professional growth. Additionally, he underscored that the inauguration of Club One, Egypt's pioneering smart sports club, introduces a groundbreaking paradigm for sports services aligning with the latest global technological advancements.

The ICT Minister further noted that Club One integrates information technology and modern advancements like digital payments and AI across all its services. He emphasized that holistic human development is fundamental to progress, necessitating the synergy of various elements, including science, culture, and sports. Additionally, he highlighted that the club revolves around two primary dimensions: physical sports and digital games.

For his part, Sobhy emphasized that, within its strategic plan, the Ministry of Youth and Sports is dedicated to investing in Egyptian youth, fostering overall development, enhancing the sports sector, and broadening participation opportunities for all. The Ministry has also revamped traditional approaches, leveraging science and modern technology to spot talents and athletes. One notable initiative in the Ministry's efforts is the Sports Genomics project, among other projects. At Club One, Sobhy added, contemporary technology will be harnessed to assist athletes in enhancing their abilities and skills.

Club One strives to broaden its scope to encompass all facets of e-sports and digital entertainment. Within the club, talents in e-games and app development will be identified and cultivated and world-class, comprehensive digital platforms will be created.

The new club is set to offer a variety of intelligent sports services utilizing modern technology and applications. These services will enable individuals, ranging from amateurs to professional athletes, to analyze and monitor their sports activities and consistently enhance their performance.

Furthermore, Club One will boast a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure facilitating seamless integration among smart devices and systems. This begins with sensors and cameras monitoring players' movements and environmental conditions, extending to advanced analytics platforms that process and analyze the data generated by these devices. The club also incorporates augmented reality, virtual reality, and interactive games to expand the horizons of e-sports, providing more enjoyable and immersive experiences.

The membership enrollment for Club One is now open. Spanning over 22 acres, the club features a stadium seating 4,500+ people, as well as enclosed facilities for activities such as shooting sports, ping pong, weightlifting, and a gym. Among its offerings are two pentathlon fields, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a semi-Olympic pool for training, and a dedicated children's pool. Additionally, the club includes a 300-square-meter kids' area, a social club, and recreational amenities comprising a wellness club, open-air terraces facing the swimming pool, and a complete floor of covered terraces.

Phase two of Club One will incorporate four triathlon fields, four tennis courts, two padel courts, a gymnastics and CrossFit hall, an indoor swimming pool, a services building, and a food court featuring 14 restaurants.
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