3 December 2023
In Minya, ICT Minister Inspects FTTH Project, Opens Maghagha Main Post Office

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has visited Minya Governorate to open and inspect several projects of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).

He inspected the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) project in Al Azhari Village in El-Adwah Town as part of a project carried out by Telecom Egypt to provide high-speed Internet in the villages targeted within the Decent Life initiative. Talaat listened to a detailed explanation by the Vice President and Chief Regional Affairs Officer at Telecom Egypt Elhossaini Adel on building the telecommunications network and FTTH in Al Azhari Village. Around three cabins with a total of 652 lines have been installed to serve citizens. So far, about 114 households have benefited from these services.

The Decent Life initiative in Minya Governorate is aimed at developing and upgrading the telecommunications infrastructure for over 190 villages in five towns, providing high-speed Internet by the end of the project to about 88,000 households. The project is already in the works in all villages.

Furthermore, the ICT Minister visited a family in Al Azhari Village where the FTTH project is being implemented. He checked the Internet quality and speed and talked with the family members who are enrolled in different educational stages. The family expressed satisfaction with the Internet connection, recognizing its crucial role in enhancing their academic performance and supporting their educational and technological skills.

Talaat highlighted that his visit to Minya comes as part of the ongoing tours he conducts to foster direct communication with citizens and check the work progress in MCIT projects in the governorates, especially in the villages targeted within Decent Life to build an integrated digital society in the villages, as part of MCIT efforts to build Digital Egypt. He explained that MCIT projects in Decent Life villages include four main pillars: providing high-speed Internet, improving telecommunications services, developing post offices, and promoting digital literacy and digital economic empowerment of villagers.

The ICT Minister also opened the historical Maghagha Main Post Office. It has been refurbished, developed, and equipped with advanced systems and technological solutions to deliver all types of governmental, postal, and financial services. He was received by the Chairperson of Egypt Post Sherif Farouk.

Talaat emphasized that Egypt Post is a long-standing, prestigious institution. He added that there are many post offices with unique architectural styles and of historical value in various governorates, one of which is the Maghagha Main Post Office, established 150 years ago. Talaat pointed out that the development of the Maghagha Main Post Office aligns with MCIT strategy to combine authenticity with modernity, and is part of the plan implemented to develop Egypt Post. One of the plan’s pillars is modernizing ancient buildings while preserving their architectural character and historical value and equipping them with the latest technological solutions and systems to deliver decent services to citizens, Talaat underscored. He stated that the plan includes developing post offices nationwide and expanding postal outlets and service offerings.

For his part, Farouk said that the Maghagha Main Post Office was established in 1867. It has been renovated and restored following the latest sustainability approaches while preserving its architectural character and Egypt Post’s identity. This came as part of a plan implemented by Egypt Post to develop historical offices. The plan includes the development of all historical post offices and buildings while preserving their architectural character and Egyptian identity.

Farouk emphasized that Egypt Post has many ancient buildings dating back over 100 years, such as the Egyptian Postal Museum. This is in addition to historical post offices that were developed, including the Cairo Main Post Office in Attaba, Aswan Post Office, El Shallal Post Office, and Fares Post Office in Aswan. Other offices and historical buildings are being developed to preserve Egypt Post’s identity, create an ideal work environment, and provide a unique experience for customers.

It is worth noting that Minya has 212 post offices, of which 79 are developed within the Decent Life initiative. So far, 75 post offices have been modernized, and the other five are being developed, with the completion rate standing at 94%. There are also 32 government complexes, with 12 fully functional.

In a similar vein, the ICT Minister attended part of a digital and financial awareness session organized for citizens in Maghagha, Minya, within the framework of the Digital Decent Life initiative. The session was held under the theme “Digital Egypt: Towards a safe, productive, and sustainable interactive digital society” in the Maghagha Post Office area. The session was attended by the Deputy ICT Minister for Institutional Development Ghada Labib, Egypt Post Chairperson, and officials from MCIT and Minya Governorate.

The session aligns with the digital upskilling objective of the Digital Egypt strategy. It also falls under the sub-pillar “promoting digital literacy” of the Decent Life presidential initiative. It was organized as part of the digital projects implemented by MCIT in the villages targeted within Decent Life to promote digital literacy, increase digital awareness, build digital skills, promote financial and digital inclusion, and achieve digital economic empowerment for people in Decent Life villages.

The session featured an introduction to digital transformation, modern technologies and their applications and role in people’s lives, the national efforts to build Digital Egypt and achieve development goals, Digital Egypt services, and digital government services. The session provided an overview of MCIT initiatives that aim to develop digital skills and foster digital economic empowerment for all segments of society.

During the session, Talaat listened to the perspectives shared by participants regarding work development in the Digital Decent Life initiative. Some attendees advocated for the organization of additional sessions like these.

It is worth mentioning that Talaat is due to open Matay Post Office and visit Creativa Innovation Hub at Minia University. He will also inspect the work progress at the developed Telecom Egypt store in Minya telephone exchange.
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