16 December 2023
ICT, Transport Ministers Open King Fouad Railway Station Post Office in Kafr El-Sheikh

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat and the Minister of Transport Kamel Al-Wazir, accompanied by the Governor of Kafr El-Sheikh Gamal Nour El-Din, opened, today, King Fouad Railway Station Post Office in Mansheyat Fouad district, Kafr El-Sheikh. They were received by Egypt Post Chairperson Sherif Farouk. The opening ceremony was attended by members of the House of Representatives and the Senate from the governorate.

The historic King Fouad Railway Station, widely known as the “Royal Station,” was developed, renovated and transformed into a post office providing all types of government, postal, and financial services, and Digital Egypt services to citizens.

The project came within the framework of the cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), represented by Egypt Post, and the Ministry of Transportation, represented by MOT for Investment and Development—the investment arm of the Ministry of Transport. Under the protocol, 13 sites within Egyptian National Railways (ENR) properties will be used to deliver postal services. Sites include 11 railway stations, including in Giza, Benha, Damanhour, Sidi Bishr, El Hamool, Suez, Assiut, Beni Suef, Sohag, Luxor, and Edfu, in addition to the main postal traffic building in Ramses and the historic King Fouad station in Kafr El-Sheikh.

In his remarks, the ICT Minister emphasized that opening King Fouad Railway Station Post Office comes in light of the fruitful cooperation between MCIT and the Ministry of Transportation. He explained that the office had been a railway station designated for King Fouad since the 1920s. The two Ministries agreed to renovate the long-neglected station, inactive for decades, restoring its heritage and unique architectural design. The transformed space will now serve as a unique post office serving the surrounding community, emphasized the ICT Minister.

Talaat pointed out that Egypt Post is revamping the post offices with unique architectural design and historical value. It started with offices in Aswan, Minya, Fayoum, and Kafr El-Sheikh. Opening the office, stated the ICT Minister, is within the framework of MCIT strategy to develop and increase the number of post offices while including mobile post offices.

He explained that over 85% of post offices were developed, and offices with unique architectural designs were being renovated. Talaat added that the development plan not only covers architecture and design but also includes digitizing services and making Digital Egypt services available. The aim is to deliver high-quality services and create a seamless experience for more than 40 million customers of Egypt Post.

For his part, the Minister of Transport congratulated Kafr El-Sheikh residents on the opening of the King Fouad Railway Station Post Office, expected to provide quality services. He emphasized that the development, restoration, and efficiency improvements of King Fouad Railway Station align with the Ministry’s comprehensive plan to enhance railway stations nationwide, including those involved in the Decent Life initiative, and to renovate all historic stations.

Al-Wazir highlighted that concurrently with the maintenance and renovation of the King Fouad train, the historic Montazah station underwent development and has now transformed into a tourist attraction. He revealed that the government, represented by the Ministry of Transportation, plans to build shops, administrative buildings, clinics, and pharmacies in the station's vicinity, all featuring the same architectural design, serving Kafr El-Sheikh citizens.

The Minister of Transport emphasized that the opening aligns with presidential directives for state agencies to coordinate and collaborate in building the new republic. Efforts are made to optimize state agencies and operations, improve citizens’ quality of life, and provide high-quality public services. The opening of the post office also exemplifies the Ministry’s commitment to restoring historic stations while preserving their heritage value and utilizing them to yield positive returns for citizens. These endeavors testify to the country’s dedication to building a modern society that draws inspiration from its rich history, Al-Wazir added.

The Governor of Kafr El-Sheikh welcomed the ICT and Transport Ministers, praising their support for development and service projects to serve citizens in Kafr El-Sheikh. He said that the visit builds on the ongoing development efforts, including opening the King Fouad Railway Station Post Office, which has six customer service windows providing postal, financial, and government services. The visit agenda also includes visiting the construction sites of Creativa Innovation Hub, Nagy Shatla Street, Kafr El-Sheikh railway station, Sakha overpass bridge, and the 30 km-long Kafr El-Sheikh-Desouk dual carriageway.

Nour El-Din explained that Creativa Innovation Hub is being established in cooperation with MCIT. The Hub will serve youth in Kafr El-Sheikh, and connect technological skills for future ICT professions with freelancing, innovation, and entrepreneurship skills.
For his part, Farouk stated that Egypt Post is implementing a mega plan to develop and revive historic post offices and buildings. He pointed out that the newly-opened King Fouad Railway Station Post Office was developed as part of the plan to preserve buildings of great historical value. The Office was renovated, modernized, and restored using the latest sustainability approaches while preserving its unique architectural character and Egyptian identity.

Egypt Post, Farouk added, owns several ancient buildings dating back over 100 years, such as the Egyptian Postal Museum in Attaba. Others include the renovated Cairo Main Post Office in Attaba, Sheikhdom Post Office in the general bureau, Aswan Post Office, El Shallal Post Office, and Fares Post Office in Aswan. These historic offices and buildings were developed while preserving Egypt Post’s identity, creating an ideal work environment, and providing a unique experience for customers.

It is worth noting that Kafr El-Sheikh has 162 post offices, of which eight are developed within the Decent Life initiative. So far, six post offices have been modernized, and two alternative offices are being established. There are also five government complexes in the governorate.
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