Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
9 March 2002
SECC Trains Egypt’s Top Software Engineers on SW-CMM

MCIT’s Software Engineering Certification Center (SECC) in cooperation with the Software Engineering Institute is organizing a three-day training workshop to introduce the software Capability and Maturity Model (CMM) and its fundamental concepts to 25 Egyptian software experts.

Targeting software managers, engineers and practitioners working for in local software firms, the training course objective is to prepare them make valid judgments regarding an organization’s implementation of the key process areas and in identifying issues that should be addressed in performing software process improvement as structured by the SW-CMM.

The course, delivered by Dr. Jack Hilbing, a Lead Assessor nominated from the Software Engineering Institute, USA, illustrates a framework that organizations can use to determine their ability to develop and maintain software. The SW-CMM can be applied by organizations to improve their software process through a software process assessment.
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