Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
23 April 2002
SECC Organizes CMM orientation for top management

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology’s Software Engineering Certification Center (SECC), together with EDS – Egypt organized a seminar on CMM orientation for top management, Tuesday April 23, 2002. More than 70 top executive managers of 45 software companies working in Egypt attended the event.

The Seminar instructed by Mr. Jim Dodd, CMM lead assessor, EDS-UK, offered answers to What, Why and How the organization can benefit from the adoption of CMM standards. Moreover, it addressed the efforts needed to support software development and management within an organization.

The seminar covered areas such as process improvement, process maturity; CMM & ISO; CMM benefits to IT companies; CMM infrastructure & sponsorship; and the EDS – Irish Solution Center case study.

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