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The Egyptian African Telecom Regulatory Training Center (EG-ATRC) is the first training center specializing in telecommunications regulation in Africa. The Center facilitates the exchange of expertise in different ICT fields, most notably cybersecurity and smart systems, among African countries.

EG-ATRC mission is to develop the capabilities of African telecommunications regulatory bodies through a unique training system that draws on Egyptian academic and professional expertise. The aim is to empower African regulators to overcome challenges in the telecommunications sector and gain expertise to build a promising digital economy.

The Center helps fulfill the national strategy of cooperating with brotherly African countries through ambitious projects aimed at benefiting African peoples.

One of EG-ATRC objectives is to share Egypt’s successful experience in boosting its ICT industry, building smart cities such as the New Administrative Capital, and carrying out technological projects within the Decent Life initiative. The aim is to guide African counterparts and motivate them to implement projects modelled on the Egyptian ones.

Training Tracks
- Smart cities and infrastructure
- Cybersecurity
- Electronic payment
- Scarce resource management

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