Research and Development
NTRA Research and Development (R&D) Department was created in 2007 with key objectives including supporting national R&D projects and activities in the area of telecommunications, keeping abreast of emerging technologies and applications, and bridging the gap between academic activities and technical advancements, and between policy visions and real market needs.

Fulfilling those objectives require interacting and collaborating with academic and industry stakeholders for advancing science and technology in key strategic domains that serve the Egyptian ICT sector at large, and developing solutions that can solve the pressing challenges facing the ICT industry.

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- Applied Research Projects
NTRA seeks to support research in communications at the national level, keep pace with emerging applications, and overcome associated challenges. NTRA announces periodic calls for proposals (CFP) to fund applied research projects and collaborate with national universities and research institutes in priority areas determined based on public and industry needs, NTRA interests, and global trends. NTRA also encourages researchers and industry stakeholders to cover technical, regulatory and economic R&D problems.

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