Telecom Market
In 2019, the ICT sector contributed EGP 93.4 billion to the Egyptian GDP (approximately 4% of the total GDP), increasing by 14.3% points from 2018. Egypt’s digital transformation is part of its plan of economic diversification. Egypt's ICT 2030 Strategy is a guideline that aims to transform the country into a telecommunications and technology hub at both the regional and global scales. Towards this end, NTRA thrives to put forward viable regulations to ascertain a competitive level playing field in the various markets of the telecommunication sector.

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Universal Services

In 2005, NTRA created the Universal Service Fund (USF) to compensate telecom service providers and operators for what they incur to render their services to citizens in unprofitable areas and to advance underserved areas to achieve the objectives of the universal service. The objectives include guaranteeing all citizens have access to telecommunications services at affordable prices and on equal footing and delivering services to remote areas, educational institutions, schools and public libraries. Other objectives include protecting free competition and eliminating monopolistic practices while taking necessary measures to render telecommunications services to unprivileged areas, thus maintaining national and cultural cohesion.

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