Reference to the Telecommunication Regulation Law No. 10/2003 where Article No. 22 of the Law stipulates that the request of obtaining the licenses referred to in Article No. 21 shall be submitted on the forms to be set by NTRA accompanied with the data and documents defined thereby, particularly the provision of evidences establishing the license applicant’s technical and financial ability. The request shall comprise the proposed bases for pricing the service and the method of its computation.

Telecommunication Service Regulatory Framework

In the last few years, the telecommunication industry in Egypt witnessed a number of significant changes that revolutionized it, hence boosted the telecommunication sector’s revenues and led to a rise in the number of mobile and Internet subscribers, whereas the fixed line segment experienced a slower growth path.

Regulatory policies are the sector’s backbone and it is the core mission and mandate of NTRA to regulate the telecommunication market, hence encourage the national and international investment within free competition rules.

In October 2017, NTRA published the licensing framework of the telecommunication services provided in the Egyptian telecommunication market. It aims to identify the procedures for obtaining a telecommunication license in Egypt in order to establish a telecommunication network and/or provide a telecommunication service. Different types of telecommunication licenses in Egypt are identified in the framework, including a number of main categories specified in the document. In addition, the framework details the terms, conditions and requirements for applying to NTRA to be awarded a telecommunication license. Moreover, the regulatory framework sets forth the major technical, financial, commercial and legal rights and obligations of the Licensee.

§ Value Added Services (VAS) Framework
§ Telecom Service Regulatory Framework

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